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Eminence OrganicEminence Organic Apricot

Eminence is handmade organic skin care from Hungary.  The natural plant, fruit and vegetable extracts feed your skin and work with your body to correct a variety of skin care concerns.  The ingredients are extremely concentrated to deliver maximum strength therapy.  Eminence offers a wide variety of products including cleansers, toniques, exfoliants, eye creams, lip treatments, masques, serums and moisturizers for all skin types, concerns and conditions.  Eminence was the 2008 American Spa winner of the Professional’s Choice Award as well as being voted “Best of the Best” of both face and spa products by Skin Inc.  We are able to customize an Eminence facial to exactly match your personal needs.  We will also work with you to create a home care routine to enhance your treatment results and fit with your lifestyle.



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