Obagi® is a prescription strength product that transforms your skin. The three main Obagi® skin care lines are Obagi® Nu-Derm, Obagi®-C Rx and Clenziderm. The Obagi® Nu-Derm System accelerates cellular turnover for sun damaged skin. The Obagi®-C Rx System is for brighter skin with mild to moderate sun damage. The Clenziderm Line is a 3 step acne treatment system.

What is the difference between Obagi® and products purchased at stores?
The difference is that Obagi® products are prescription strength. Other products do not correct skin problems but only mask them. Obagi® corrects problems and leaves you with new, healthy skin.

Why should Obagi® products be used together?
Each Obagi® product is designed to complement the others to transform your skin. When used as a system, the products work together to balance the pH level and penetrate the layers of skin effectively.

What can be expected while using Obagi® products?
Your skin will go through several stages. The first stage involves exfoliation, so some redness, flaking and peeling will occur for four to six weeks. During the second phase, your skin will build up a tolerance against flaking and peeling. Once this process is completed, fresh, smooth skin will be revealed. The third stage involves an increase of collagen and elastin, and skin will look refreshed and renewed. Skin tone is balanced, and your face looks younger and healthier.


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